Student Achievement

Prizegiving 2023


Student Leaders 2020

Congratulations to (back from left) Chimari Hada, Bridie Derbidge, Le’Kaia Rautu, Santana Howell, Sally Peffers, (front from left) Jai Collins, Harley Heuvel, Vaughan Olsen & Bernie Ward on achieving their Leaders badge for 2020.

Top Academic Student


Congratulations to Chimari Hada for receiving the Top Academic Student (DUX) for 2020

Best All Round Sports Person

Congratulations to Sally Peffers & Bridie Derbidge for receiving the Best All Round Sportperson trophy for 2020

Bill Ingram Trophy for Service to the School & McKay Trophy for Best All Round Student

Congratulations to Sally Peffers for receiving the Best All Round Student & Service to the School for 2020

Donna Wright STRIVE Trophy

Congratulations to Harley Heuval for receiving the Donna Wright STRIVE Trophy for 2020